Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Or More Tuesday - Collection of Nancy Drew Books

This is my first time joining Tam at The Gypsy's Corner in Three or More Tuesday. I thought it would be fun to share my collection of Nancy Drew Mystery books by Carolyn Keene, as well as some of my bunny rabbit collection. Please join Tam at to see lots of other fun posts. As a young girl I was always reading, and most times it was a Nancy Drew book.
I still love a good mystery to this day!
Happy Reading and Thanks for visiting! ~Karen~


  1. Oh...... I am so loving your collection of Nancy Drew books!!! I am collecting the new hardcover ones very slowly. (also the Hardy Boys books as well).

    Wonderful collection!!

  2. Hi Karen, this is my first time joining also!!

    Love your books and what a fabulous collection.


  3. What a fun collection you have and I like how you've displayed them!

  4. Hi Karen! I came over from Gypsy's Corner! We have so much in common! I loved to read from early, early on...thank goodness we lived right down the street from the main library! I wish I knew what happened to all my Nancy Drew books! I had several! Some like yours and some in the blue binders! And I love, love bunnies! Yours are so cute! And your secretary looks like mine! It's a small, small world! Look forward to following your posts from now on. God Bless! Lauralu :)

  5. Oh I loved reading Nancy Drew when I was a young girl! Great collection and I like how you have them displayed! Bunnies are cute as well!

  6. I read a lot as a kid and still do but never read the Nancy Drew books. Maybe that is what is wrong with me? Nah.

  7. I too loved reading Nancy Drew books when I was a kid. I have a collection of books, but mine are blue. I think they are from when the books originally were written. They are at my mom's house somewhere. I should see if I can find them. Thanks for reminding me. I love bunnies too!

  8. When I was a young girl in Eastern Oklahoma, I use to ride my bicycle across town to the library. It was a small structure, but I loved it there. And especially the Nancy Drew books. Began my true love of reading for life!

  9. Karen,

    Your collection of Nancy Drew books just brought back so many memories of curling up in a chair and living inside that world with Nancy, Bess, George and Ned (did I get the names right~I forget the name of the housekeeper! Oh yes, Hannah Gruen, right??) Anyway, my older sister read them and then passed them down, sister to sister (I am 5th) and then I had my time. I read every single one. I am sure my mom did something with them when we moved to another house when I was 17. Really nice memories. I see them in antique malls and stores all the time. It is nice that you chose to collect and display them~such sweet memories. I love your bunnies too. Everything looks beautiful in that lovely display cabinet!

    Have a wonderful week! :-)


  10. Karen, thank you for stopping by! Love your Nancy Drew books, those were my fave growing up.

    On the framed mirror, I did a whole post about it back in Feb, so you can see step by step how it was done. I used a hot glue gun, but some had problems with that, so if you read all the comments, you'll see I said to go ahead & use Liquid Nails to be sure it sticks:

  11. I loved Nancy Drew books when I was a young girl. You're lucky that you still have yours.

  12. I am soooo sorry I didn't get to visit you until now. It's been one of those weeks, ya know!
    What a wonderful collection of books. I love to read but don't have much time to do so, other then blogs that is *smile*
    Thank you for joining 'Three Or More'.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  13. I used to have almost all of the old Nancy Drew books--I'm sure they're still at my Mom's somewhere! Do girls even read these kinds of things anymore?