Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday ~ Hydrangeas

I love Hydrangeas!!
The blue ones below I saw on Cape Cod this summer. I think that they are called Lace Caps.
Also from Cape Cod, I was amazed at these huge, white balls. They look like snowballs! Here is a closer look. Love the color of the Hydrangeas below. These I found in British Columbia.
I am not a gardener. Not even close! But I have always loved these flowers. I believe the color is dependent on the soil and any additives to the soil? I remember that my mother-in-law had the most beautiful purple/blue bush in her yard on Long Island. They were gorgeous, with tons and tons of balls of flowers. I am sure many of you who are gardeners know a whole lot more about these beautiful flowers. I think South Texas is probably too hot to grow these...?
I would love to hear from you and anything more you know about these beautiful flowers~
Thank for visiting ~ Karen ~
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  1. I love hydrangeas too. All the varieties are beautiful but some are easier to grow. I've had rood luck with the new Endless Summer variety. They don't require much care and do bloom a lot.

  2. We had a huge white hydrangea bush in the yard where I grew up. Your photos remind me of that one.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  3. Beautiful Hydrangeas. They are great when they bloom like that. I'm afraid mine didn't get enough water this year. I love the colored ones.

  4. Some of my FAVORITE flowers!

    I still am looking to find someone who knows how to dry them.

    If you get a minute I would always enjoy you stopping.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  5. Hydrangeas are so beautiful alive or dried. Lovely Outdoor Wednesday post.

  6. Those hydrangeas are so beautiful.
    Have a nice day

  7. Incredibly beautiful.. I'm still waiting for mine to bloom.. Thanks for sharing a beatuiful post..hugs ~lynne~

  8. They have so many new hybrid types that keep their color no matter what the soil, but amending the soil is easy. I'm sure some of these would work great for you. They are beautiful!!!

  9. Love the hydrangeas! They are my very favorite also. This year my bushes didn't do well,as they
    have a lot of brown spots on them. I enjoyed your photos, and the visit.


  10. I grew up on Long Island and we always had hydrangeas, at our house and at our beach house, because they do so very well at the shore.

    I have several hydrangeas here in New Jersey, but this year they didn't bloom well --just a few blossoms each shrub. I am so disappointed -- they are usually FULL of flowers. they dry beautifully, too!

    Most hydrangeas are sensitive to the alkilinity/acidity of the soil. My mom used to put old iron railroad spikes into the soil next to each shrub, to get the deep color she wanted.

    I don't think they would do well in Texas, but I am not sure! Around there they grow like weeds, along with Mountain Laurel and Wisteria, other reliable bloomers.

    Lovely pics!

  11. Your hydrangeas are fabulous. I'm so envious!

  12. Beautiful hydrangeas! They are also one of my favorites. They do grow well in higher humidity. Pretty pictures!

  13. The white "snowball" hydrangeas take my breath away!! I never noticed these flowers much until we went to Martha's Vineyard (not far...) and they had the brightest blue flowers. Again, someone said something about the soil.

    Cass is absolutely right about the acidity of the soil. The type you buy will determine this. In the Midwest, most hydrangeas bloom in late spring, so I think they need a cooler climate. But maybe there is a variety you can grow before it gets too hot near you.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday, Karen!!