Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday - August 26th - Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

This week is a very special post for me.
Oh gosh, I don't even know where to start!! I am just so blessed to have a wonderful, romantic husband and beautiful, sweet children. Last week we were in New York City (my husband had business there and our daughter and I joined him). Our son lives in the city and we were looking forward to spending time with him and his lovely girlfriend, which we did. Lots of fun - we went to the Museum of Modern Art, enjoyed lots of incredible food and fun along the way, even saw a show. But, nothing could have prepared me for our trip out to Long Island.
My husband is originally from Long Island. His brother and his wife live out there, and at the end of the week I knew we were going to take a train from the city out to see them. They were to pick us up at the train (my husband, myself and our two kids) and we were going to get something to eat. Upon exiting the train I realized we weren't getting off at the usual stop. My husband rushed ahead of me and promptly hailed a cab and mumbled something to the driver. Okay, now I was really confused, I was still looking around for my brother-in-law. No sooner had we got settled in the cab, the driver called in to dispatch and said we were on the way to the Swan Club. I promptly began to husband and I had our wedding reception 25 years ago this month at the Swan Club in Roslyn Harbor. We had never been back since!
What a terrific surprise and it was even more special because we could share this magical place with our kids for the first time. We had a beautiful lunch in a room right next door to the room we had our reception those 25 years ago.
The photo below was taken from the window at our table as we dined.
We had a champagne toast...
Check out the swans outlined in flowers. There weren't any real swans around last week. We asked and were told that they come and go throughout the year. The grounds are just beautiful - every flower and tree, and even the puffy clouds in the beautiful blue sky looked perfect.
Here are some photos my daughter scanned of The Swan Club 25 years ago! The top photo looks like it was taken from approximately the same place the photo above was taken.
We look like babies.
And here we are now... I will never forget this day at the Swan Club. It was too romantic for words that my husband arranged this and even more special because the kids could share this with us. Thanks for joining me on my truly special Outdoor Wednesday post!!


  1. Karen, You area a very lucky woman to have such a romantic husband. I cried when I read this and remembered the way the two of you looked. You are an inspiration. I am so happy that I was your matron on honor! Dave and I hope to have as happy a 25th anniversary as you are having. Thanks for sharing. Love, your sister and friend, Judi

  2. Gorgeous photos! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. What wonderful memories have been created and shared together with your darling family! You will treasure this long into the future.

    Best wishes on a milestone anniversary!

    Debbykay @ Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  4. Good job hubby!! What a gorgeous, special place. How wonderful that you got to go back after all these years. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary. The Swan Club is the perfect venue for such a romantic occassion.

  6. Happy Anniversary. Beautiful post!

  7. How wonderful!!! You should be very proud! Happy Anniversary!

    My O W is posted's a continuation [and last entry for the week] of our tour of the Botanical Gardens.

  8. What a wonderful, romantic surprise! The photos are beautiful.

  9. This is such a heart felt post. It brought me to tears. YOu are beautiful older... and your family is beautiful. Its obvious by the smiles they adore you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Stop by if you get a minute -- would love to have you.

    TTFN~~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  10. What a wonderfully romantic surprise. Happy Anniversary! I'd say he's a keeper :-).

  11. You are truly a loved and lucky woman. Your story brought tears to my eyes. You are indeed lucky in love. The grounds are beautiful. The swan painting also. I can't imagine how you must have felt in that cab. Brings me goosebumps!

  12. Karen, how sweet and how romantic, I was teary reading this post! And what a great surprise. You both look so good together. When I was reading your post, the thrill was building up and cant wait to finish, I knew something was cooking! Congratulations on your 25 years of marital bliss and many more! Hugs!